About Us


Sianni Dean is the Owner Of Cranky Grannys Sweet Rolls. Sianni is a Willingboro, NJ native who graduated from Willingboro High School C/O 2017.

At 18 years old, A month after graduating from high school, she started Cranky Grannys Sweet Rolls. While in high school (15 years old to 18) Sianni participated in an entrepreneur class/club under the instruction of a former Willingboro high school graduate who also went on to be an entrepreneur.

Sianni was continuously giving her classmates ideas until the instructor told her that it would be smart to take one of her own, so she did.  Sianni was involved in a Baking and Pastry program under , Chef Harvey, at Willingboro High School so she had plenty of time to perfect the Cranky Granny Sweet Rolls recipe as well as 3 years, of market research on the sweet roll industry.

Sianni has such a love for both of her granny’s and mother and admired how their cooking/baking could bring all of the family together to create happy moments. From this admiration she Created Cranky Granny’s Sweet Rolls in dedication to these very special and loving women at the fresh age of 18 years old. 


Sianni recently relocated to Austin, Texas to expand Cranky Granny's Sweet Rolls. She was given the opportunity to produce the sweet rolls out of a restaurant in Austin, TX. Only 4 months in she found the perfect location for Cranky Granny's very first store front at The Domain in Austin,TX about 13 minutes away from the restaurant that gave her the first experience of selling out of a restaurant.  


  • Number : (609)-401-0090
  • Instagram: @Crankygrannys
  • Twitter: @Crankygrannys
  • Facebook: Cranky Granny's Sweet Rolls
  • Email: crankygrannys@gmail.com
  • 10910 Domain Drive Suite 106, Austin,TX,78758