Smedium Size Sweet Roll
Smedium Size Sweet Roll

Smedium Size Sweet Roll

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Perfect for large groups of people from baby showers to birthday parties, cookouts ,weddings, office parties and staff appreciation.


Enjoy 25 individually packaged fresh baked smedium size sweet rolls in 3x3x1.5 inch aluminum containers with lids. Vegan and traditional can NOT be combined. 


(Variety options)

• Classic

• Cookies n Cream

• Strawberry shortcake

• Strawberry

• Wet Walnut

• Peach Cobbler

• Lemon Cream

• Banana Pudding

• Toasted Caramel Crunch

• Churro




• Vegan Classic

• Vegan Peach

• Vegan Cookies n Cream

• Vegan Churro